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Final Training Conference in Sofia

With great excitement during the past week, our team organized the International Training Conference “Future of Digital Learning”. It was part of our MOCC4ALL project.

It was extremely interesting for us to create a model for successful online or hybrid learning developed over 3 years by a University in Finland, a Research Company in the Netherlands, a Vocational School Network from Greece, a Network of Vocational Schools from Italy and a Vocational Vocational School and Academy for Teachers from Cyprus, together with us of course.

The conference was non-standard like most of our events. We were honored to hear from each of our partners about their visions for the future of vocational education. In the afternoon we split into groups to learn how to tie complex knots and double crochet. This is how we went through the 12 steps of the Model. Each participant received a rope, hooks and canvas bag from the event as a gift. You can see the live stream from the Conference here –

Once again, the technique showed us that it’s best learning is live connections 🙂

We were on the Bulgarian national radio, you can hear us here –…/101800708/future-of-digital-learning…

New technologies should follow education, not education following them. The needs of the student should be the primary focus.

Partners in the project are: EURO-NET from Italy, UTU from Finland, KRASE from Holland, STANDO from Cyprus and KAINOTOMIA from Greece within the project “MOOC4ALL – Innovative Model for Facilitating On-line Learning Success”, co-financed by the Erasmus+ program of The European Commission with the support of the CDR.

You can learn more at:

Special thanks to Kiril Nachev for the wonderful shots.

Team: Teodor Vasilev, Lora Abadjieva, Leta Panayotova (special thanks)