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SMOL Model for Online learning in Greeк language

Here you can DOWNLOAD the Greek version.


At MOOC4ALL, we improve and expand the supply of high-quality vocational education and training (VET) opportunities by providing a flexible learning model adapted to individual learning needs (including project-based learning, inverted classroom learning, blended learning, digital mobile learning apps, and others) contributing to the innovation in vocational education and training. Through the development of MOOC4ALL social model for online learning (SMOL) we provide a flexible and high-quality learning process. It is based on materials and courses from leading educational institutions (Harvard, Cambridge, MTU, Oxford, etc.), business companies (LinkedIn, FB, Microsoft, SAP, etc.) and non-governmental organizations (Unicef, WWF, Oxfam, etc.) around the world. Scientifically proven techniques for successful completion of the courses are integrated into the social model for online learning (SMOL).

The whole Model is here, enjoy it! There are many ideas and links to materials.

Here you can DOWNLOAD the Greek version.